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tooth extractions charlotte nc 1Often times when people hear the term dental surgery, feelings of panic or anxiety are often felt because it sounds like a painful and expensive procedure. However, dental surgery is actually very common and encompasses some routine dental procedures, such as tooth extractions.

Each case is different but almost all dental  surgery procedures are done on an outpatient basis with most people resuming normal activity within a few days.

Simple and Complex Extractions

One of the most commonly known forms of tooth extraction occurs when teens have their wisdom teeth removed. However, there are many other instances where teeth need to be extracted. For example, teeth need to be extracted in instances of excessive tooth decay, serious tooth infection and even overcrowding of teeth.

Tooth extraction is performed by a dentist and is usually a quick outpatient procedure using either local, general, intravenous anesthesia or a combination of some of them.

Simple tooth extractions eliminate apparent teeth. They are usually performed by an overall dental specialist. A complex extraction involves an adjacent tooth that is influenced inside the jaw and can’t be removed without making an entry point. Complex extractions are in many cases performed by oral specialists.


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Gingival Recession Repair

If you have progressed periodontitis, treatment might require dental surgery.

dental surgery charlotte nc 1Flap surgery (pocket reduction surgery)
Our dentist makes minor entry points in your gum so a part of your gum tissue can be lifted back, uncovering the roots for more scaling and root planing. Since periodontitis frequently causes bone misfortune, the fundamental bone might be recontoured before the gum tissue is stitched once again into the right spot. Then it’s easier to clean these regions and maintain gum tissue.

Soft tissue grafts
When you lose gum tissue, your gumline subsides. This procedure replaces damaged tissue and exposed roots with healthy tissue, which grows into your gums.

Bone grafting
This method stops tooth loss by supporting existing teeth with the additional bone for structure.

Guided tissue regeneration
This regrows tissue between existing bone and your tooth that was previously destroyed by microbes.

Tissue-stimulating proteins
Another procedure includes applying a topical gel to an unhealthy tooth root. This gel contains similar proteins in creating tooth lacquer and animates the development of solid bone and tissue.

Gum Recontouring

This is a corrective technique that can change the state of your gums. Our dentists use this technique to remove extreme gum tissue that gives you a “sticky” grin or to reestablish gum tissue that has retreated and is presently uncovering many of your teeth.


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