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Crown Point Family Dentists deep dental cleaningAt Crown Point Family Dentistry – located in the Crown Point neighborhood in Charlotte, North Carolina – we are here to provide regular teeth cleaning and comprehensive family dental care at our Charlotte offices for you and your family. 

Whether your teeth are in good shape or not, we will help you keep your teeth clean and your breath fresh with regular dental cleaning. We are dental health experts here to work with you to improve your lifelong dental outlook. We will help you minimize cavities and fillings, mouth pain, and tooth loss, plus help you reduce the need for advanced dental procedures through regular teeth cleaning procedures by our dental team. Enjoy the long-term benefits of regular teeth cleaning and routine dental care!

In addition to regular teeth cleaning, we also offer deep dental cleaning, debridements, sealants, and fluoride treatments. If you are a good candidate for these additional treatments, we will let you know during your appointment, but feel free to ask us about special treatments of interest to you.

How Often Do You Need a Teeth Cleaning by the Dentist?

Half-year dental check-ups are crucial to ensure your mouth is in good health and your oral health is in top shape. These visits typically involve removing tartar (solidified plaque) which could cause gum inflammation, tooth and gum rot, and bad breath.

Full-Mouth Debridement vs. Routine Dental Cleaning Procedures

Most hygienists conduct an oral exam before tooth cleansing, as it might reveal that you require full-mouth debridement (cleaning between and under the gums) in lieu of regular teeth cleaning on the exposed part of the tooth (over your gum line).



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Routine Dental Cleaning

Crown Point Family Dentistry dental treatments for the gumsDental cleanings include the removal of plaque (a soft, sticky, bacteria-laden film) and tartar (calculus) deposits that have accumulated on your teeth through time. Your teeth are constantly covered in saliva containing calcium and other ingredients that can strengthen and protect your teeth. While this is positive, it also means that we are more likely to experience an accumulation of calcium-rich deposits in our teeth.

If the oral examination finds that the standard cleaning of your teeth will suffice for your dental hygiene needs, the dentist will scrub your teeth with special instruments that eliminate tartar by a process called scaling. Then, your teeth are cleaned using a coarse glue. This process is used to remove any surface staining. The hygienist then uses dental floss to scrub the space between your teeth.

Hygienists may examine your foundations for any abnormalities. If you’re experiencing bad breath (halitosis) and suffer from bad breath, the gingival water system could be necessary to remove food particles and accumulated microorganisms. It creates a surge of cured, hydrated water in the problematic areas to eliminate the bacteria hidden in difficult-to-access places. This helps reduce the size of your gum pockets and improve the overall health of your mouth.

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Full-Mouth Debridement (FMD)

Full-mouth debridement (FMD) is not the same as prophylaxis or expert cleaning. While FMD is essential to analyze what’s going on inside your mouth, prophylaxis just includes the evacuation of tartar (solidified plaque) from the outer layer of your teeth. Also, during the FMD procedure, we use an ultrasonic device, or electronic scaler, along with other manual instruments for cleaning the surfaces of your teeth, followed by fine-scaling your roots. We’ll guide you through the speedy recovery of the gums following the process.

In addition, FMD is generally not done regularly, like teeth cleaning. Your dental specialist may suggest a full-mouth debridement if you have intense, solidified tartar on tooth lacquer as a special procedure. Repeat procedures will depend on your dental health. Meanwhile, it would be best to keep up your regular six-month dental checkups after FMD.

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