Caring For Your Teeth During Holiday Season

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As the holiday season arrives, delicious sweets and sugary beverages are on the way too. The temptation is too hard to resist, but you have to stick with teeth cleaning approaches if you want to enjoy a beautiful smile while still being able to eat yummy food. This article will go through some tips on keeping your teeth healthy during the holiday season.

Your Oral Hygiene Routine

While most sweet, delicious foods are irresistible during the holiday season, you should maintain your daily oral health routine. Regular brushing will help you avoid emergency dental visits. Although the season is replete with shopping events and preparing food for parties, try to stick to your oral hygiene tasks such as brushing, flossing, and gargling.

Eat Only Healthy Foods

Not only are fruits and vegetables good for your overall health, but they are also incredibly advantageous to oral hygiene. For example, the fiber they contain can scrub off plaque and keep your teeth white.

On the other hand, foods that stain and harm your teeth should be avoided, including sugary, sticky, hard, and chewy foods. Instead, you can eat a crunchy fruit like a green apple if you crave something sweet.

Avoid Drinks That Stain Your Teeth

Avoid drinks such as red wine, grape, or cranberry juice as they easily stain teeth. Instead, try to drink clear liquids to avoid staining your teeth. Moreover, rinse your mouth after drinking dark-colored juices and wine, as they contain acids that may damage your enamel.

Visit Your Dentist After Holidays

It is crucial to schedule appointments with a dentist at least twice a year; it is even more vital to do it after the holiday season. You may take care of your teeth throughout the year, but the holidays are different. So, visit your dentist after the holiday season. They can check for any lingering bacteria left behind. Looking for a new friendly dentist in Charlotte NC? Our vote goes to Dr. Cerasaro and Dr. Pappert.

Keep a Teeth Cleaning Kit Everywhere with You

It is highly recommended that you have a brush, toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash kit. You can take it with you everywhere. Then, don’t forget to use it after every meal or snack you eat and every time you drink acidic beverages at parties during the holidays.

Don’t Go Hard on Your Teeth

Most people may think about their teeth the same way they think about their bones. Yes, teeth are strong and full of calcium, but they’re only meant for chewing, digesting food, and helping you speak correctly with the help of your lips and tongue. Never use your teeth for challenging jobs such as opening wine bottles or food packages. Using your teeth for such tasks can weaken your enamel and damage your teeth.

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