The Difference Between Deep Teeth Cleaning and Regular Cleaning

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Regular dental care is critical, not just for the mouth’s health but for overall health. Unfortunately, many people avoid the dentist for various reasons, usually related to large bills and an aversion to potential pain. At the end of the day, floss, toothpaste, and mouthwash can only do so much.

Teeth Cleanings

Those who delay dental visits might find more than a regular cleaning is required. Regular teeth cleanings are recommended for a reason, and deep dental cleaning is sometimes needed. Not all teeth cleanings are the same. Knowing and being prepared for the differences can help ease stress at the next dental visit.

Deep Cleaning

Deep dental cleaning is more involved than a regular cleaning, as one might expect. Deep cleaning not only cleans in between the teeth but also delves below the gum line to help remove tartar buildup.

The dental hygienist will likely use ultrasonic cleaners and a scraper during a deep dental cleaning. This procedure is more involved and will take longer than regular cleaning. In addition, the gums are likely to be a bit sensitive after such a procedure. Deep cleanings are generally performed when tarter has built up, whether from neglect or an inability to reach such places with conventional dental care.

Regular cleaning is much less involved, usually just taking a scraper to the surface of the teeth to remove noticeable buildup. However, regular cleanings cannot reach deeper tarter and plaque, meaning that without the occasional deep cleaning, bacteria can grow and cause future problems.

Preventative Care

That said, regular cleanings can be enough to prevent cavities and other dental issues. Still, a deep dental cleaning may be necessary from time to time. Those who have suffered from gingivitis or have avoided regular cleanings for extended periods will likely need deep dental cleaning more often.

The prospect of involved dental cleaning may make people avoid the dentist, but that perpetuates the problem of poor dental hygiene. Regular cleanings and the occasional deep cleaning can help prevent gum diseases and cavities. Both conditions can cause more significant issues if ignored. Regularly scheduled dental cleanings will help prevent severe tooth and gum problems. Deep dental cleaning might sound scary, but they sure beat having to get a root canal or crown.

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