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If you have free or moving teeth or the spaces between your teeth are getting more extensive, bone loss is likely the cause. Things might look or feel fine, but you have issues on a deeper level. If you have extreme pain, your tooth rot has likely progressed to the point that it is hitting a nerve in the tooth.
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A filling may be an option or extraction and replacement if it is extremely rotted. Options for replacement are dentures or implants. If you choose dentures and all of your teeth are missing, our dentist will make you complete dentures, and when just some of your teeth are missing, we will make you a partial denture.

Affordable, temporary, permanent, partial, and complete dentures where your teeth need extra support without a permanent fixture. If your gums are delicate, enlarged, red, or dying, you probably have gum disease, which is a periodontal infection. When advanced, you might need teeth to be removed to stop the infection.


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